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28 Feb

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 For an explanation in English and some more exercises trythis. And here is a downloadable pdf document with more exercises.


28 Feb


Here are some sites where you can find information about how to practise your spoken English online:
ESLGold You´ll have to install Skype and get a Skype name, and you´ll also need a headset (headphones with a microphone attached, like the ones in the photo). Then you´ll have to register for the programme you want. Some of them are free, and for others, such as the tutors or the trained native speakers, you have to pay a fee.
The Mixxer is designed to connect language learners throughout the world so that you can practise your speaking skills. To join in, you´ll have to sign up, find a language partner, talk to him or her via Skype and then you can also write a blog and receive corrections. And of course, you´ll have to help others to learn Spanish!
SplendidSpeaking is a great website to improve your speaking: you can download tasksheets with useful language and expressions, listen to other students talking about those topics, join their Facebook or Twitter groups, and even create a podcast with your voice and ask other people for feedback. The only problem is that you may find it a bit advanced for you.
Sharedtalk You have to become a member (it´s free) and then you can find a language partner. There´s a voice chat, a text chat and you can exchange e-mails with other people as well.


9 Jan

I’ve been looking for activities to practice vocabulary but none of them were interesting. What I found was a visual dictionary with some games to practice the vocabulary. Have a look at it!

Clothes Vocabulary


22 Nov

As you requested, here are some links where you can practice the use of prepositions

Summary and Exercises

All kinds of prepositons (also some idioms and phrasals)
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4

Some quizzes…
Quiz 1
Quiz 2

Crossword activities

Typical Mistakes