7 Jan


P1 – Present topic

P2 – Arguments for

P3 – Arguments against

P4 – Conclusion and opinion


Arguments and justifications


1. More comfortable than other forms of transport   – you can go for a walk, eat in a restaurant, go walking

2. Cheaper – costs less than a plane ticket

3. Safe alternative – less accidents at sea than in the air or a road


1. More tiring – takes much longer

2. Uncomfortable, frightening  – because of bad weather


The writer is in favour of travelling by boat. 


Activity 1

  • list/add points: to begin with, furthermore, for example, finally, in addition
  • introduce reasons/results: as a result, 
  • show contrast: however, 
  • introduce conclusion: all things considered

Activity 2

1. besides   2. argue that   3. in favour of   4. even though    5. for instance


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