6 Nov



  1. are we going to do (= what’s the plan?)
  2. are you looking / am I wearing
  3. I’m looking after / do you want
  4. Drives
  5. I still have / it’s getting
  6. is Sue dancing
  7. looks / is wearing
  8. I’m writing
  9. is not growing / water
  10. do you stay / come


  1. Where are you staying on Saturday night? FUTURE
  2. George retires at the end of next year. FUTURE
  3. What are we doing when the guests arrive? FUTURE (Future time clause)
  4. I’m trying really hard to understand this book. PRESENT
  5. Wait for me here until I get back. FUTURE
  6. Sue is leaving in the morning. FUTURE
  7. I’m waiting  for the bus. PRESENT
  8. I’m off now, and I’m taking the car. PRESENT / FUTURE
  9. They are showing a Woody Allen film on Channel 4 tonight. FUTURE
  10. I’m going  for a walk in the evening. FUTURE



Dear Aunt Jean,

I ‘M JUST WRITING to tell you how much I APPRECIATE the money you sent me, and to tell you how I AM GETTING ON in my first term at university. Actually, I REALLY ENJOY/ AM REALLY ENJOYING myself! I STUDY quite hard as well, but at the moment I AM SPENDING a lot of time just making friends. I AM STILL STAYING with my friend Sue, and I AM LOOKING for somewhere of my own to live. Only a few of the first-year students LIVE in college here, and I SEEM to be spending a lot of time travelling backwards and forwards. I GO to lectures every morning, and most afternoons I STUDY in the library. In fact I AM WRITING this letter instead of an essay on ‘Hamlet’! I THINK I’ll buy some new clothes with the money you sent. Everything COSTS a lot here, and I AM SAVING to buy a winter coat. It GETS really cold here in the evenings. I KNOW lots of other students and generally speaking we HAVE a good time socially! I AM ALSO LEARNING to drive.

See you soon,



2 Responses to “NI2 PRESENT TENSES KEY”

  1. Virginia November 13, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

    Hi! I have a doubt. Instead of “and I AM LOOKING somewhere of my own to live.”, is “and I am looking FOR somewhere of my own to live”, isn’t it? Thanks

    • mamenteacher December 8, 2013 at 10:27 am #

      Yes, you’re right. It should be ‘I’m looking FOR somewhere’

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