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28 May

Since some of you seem to be having some problems with reported speech, here there are some links for further practice

RS Basics 1

RS Basics 2

RS Basics 3

RS Basics 4

RS Reporting verbs 1

RS Reporting verbs 2

RS Reporting verbs 3

RS Reporting verbs 4



7 May

Here is the answer key for the activities on page 82.


1. Top Gear (has brought out, break into)

2. Newsnight (have broken down, are pulling out of)

3. Strictly Come Dancing (takes me back)

4. Doctor Who (turns out)

5. Eastenders (came across, put up with)

10 B

1. happen in the end – turn out

2. fail or end unsuccessfully – break down

3. meet by chance – come across

4. introduce (a product ) or make something available – bring out

5. make somebody remember – take back

6. tolerate – put up with

7. enter something with difficulty – break into

8. end somebody’s involvement or quit – pull out of

10 C  

1. D turn out : come, appear

2. S: meetings, negotiations and machines can ‘break down’ or fail.

3. D: If someone comes across in a particular way they seem to have particular qualities

4. D: If you bring something out, you make it easier to see

5. D: If someone takes back something they said, they are saying that they didn’t mean it.

6. D: If you put someone up, you let them stay in your house for a short time

7. S: Both mean ‘enter with difficulty’ although if you break into a building is usually a criminal act.

8. D: if a train/car/bike/ bus, etc. pulls out, it moves away from a stopping position to start moving or join the rest of the traffic



1 a) raise b) mention

2 a) delay   b) causing me not to like

3  a) reject    b) lower the heat

4  a) base our assessment   b) pass

5  a) employed   b) fought / tackled


1. take on    2. turn down    3. go by    4. put off    5. bring up