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Ready, Set, Go!!

24 Oct

Hi everybody!
We are starting this year full of many things, a real hodge podge that I hope can help you to enjoy yourselves and learn a lot of English. Feel free to participate and make use of all the resources available.



Where Can I find a Language Exchange?

24 Oct

A good way to practice your English and make friends is finding a language exchange.

There is a web where you can find e-pals (people you can e-mail or chat with). It’s very easy to do. Just click in the link below and sign up as a member. You can use our first composition to write the introduction for your profile.
My Language Exchange

You can also acces the web LOQUO and place your add or answer on of the published ads on the web. You can meet great friends (talking from experience!)
Loquo Language Exchange

Good luck and enjoy yourself with English!

PS. If you decide to try, share your experience with us.

Irregular Verbs

24 Oct

Here you have the link for the list of irregular verbs we are going to practice in class with their phonetic transcription.

Remember you can always check the pronunciation in some online dictionaries. (with American and British pronunciation!)


24 Oct

As for the grammar, links for the practice of vocabulary

Relationships 1
Relationships 2
Relationships 3

Adjective opposites
Personality Adjectives 1 Scroll down the page
Personality Adjectives 2

Illness and treatment


24 Oct

Here are some links where you can practice the grammar from the first unit

Subject and Object Questions
Question Structure
Indirect questions
Basic Review 1
Basic Review 2

The… The Comparatives
Comparative and Superlatives 1
Comparative and Superlatives 2

Auxiliary Verbs